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Tips For Hiring The Right Workers’ Compensation Lawyer


If you have been injured on the job, you can recover workers compensation benefits from your employer. In Florida, when a worker sustains an injury on the job, the employer, through their insurance provider, is liable for compensating the injured worker for medical bills and lost wages. In return, the injured worker cannot sue the employer because of their injury. Unfortunately, not all employers are willing to compensate injured workers. That is why, if you sustained an injury in the workplace, you need to hire a workers compensation lawyer who can help you recover the compensation you deserve. Here are some tips to help you hire the right workers compensation lawyer.

Do Your Research

It is crucial to begin your search for a workers compensation lawyer by conducting extensive research on available lawyers near your area. Today, almost every law firm has a website. Therefore, the internet is a good place for you to conduct your research. During your research, make sure you look for various law firms you think you can rely on to get the best attorney.

Schedule an Appointment

After identifying various law firms that you think you can rely on to get the best lawyer, you should schedule an appointment to gather more information. Fortunately, many law firms offer a free initial consultation. Ensure you take advantage of that.

Check the Lawyer’s Experience

During your consultation with a workers compensation lawyer, make sure you find out about their experience. You want to hire an attorney with enough experience to increase your chances of recovering the compensation you deserve. For example, to learn about a workers compensation lawyer’s experience, you can ask them a question like, “Can you explain how the workers compensation claim process works?” An experienced attorney should be able to explain the workers compensation claim process to you effortlessly.

That said, as much as you may want the most experienced attorney, if you find one with only a few years of experience and you feel you can rely on them, do not write them off.

Find Out the Lawyer’s Communication Style

After hiring a workers compensation lawyer, you will need to constantly communicate with them. Therefore, you need to find out a lawyer’s communication style before hiring them. During your initial consultation with a lawyer, ask them about their lines of communication. You want to work with an attorney who will reply to your messages and return your missed calls on time.

Ensure the Lawyer Has the Capacity To Handle Your Case

If a lawyer is overworked, they will not be able to dedicate enough time and effort to your case. So, before hiring a workers compensation lawyer, find out if they are working with another person or other people. If a lawyer lacks enough time, it could potentially impact the outcome of your case and, eventually, the compensation you will recover.

Contact Florida Keys Injury Lawyers for Help With a Worker’s Compensation Claim

If you sustained an injury while working and are looking for a lawyer to help you with your workers compensation claim, contact our Key West & Marathon workers compensation lawyers at Florida Keys Injury at 786-605-8500.


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