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What To Do If Accused Of Workers’ Compensation Fraud


After suffering a work-related injury or developing a work-related illness, you may be eligible to recover workers compensation benefits from your employer’s insurance company. However, if accused of workers compensation fraud, the process of recovering compensation may become more difficult. Your claim may even be rejected if you are accused of workers compensation fraud. Unfortunately, even an innocent employee’s claim can be dismissed because of accusations of workers compensation fraud.

How Does Workers Compensation Fraud Happen?

Indeed, some employees engage in workers compensation fraud. However, the number of employees who engage in fraud is quite small. Most employees who are accused of workers compensation fraud are innocent.

So, what is workers’ compensation fraud? This is when an employee lies to get workers compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation fraud can be quite costly to employers, resulting in higher insurance penalties and other penalties.

Below are some common types of workers’ compensation fraud that employees engage in;

  • Faking an injury or illness
  • Claiming an injury or illness is work-related when it is not
  • Exaggerating the severity of a work-related injury

Detecting Workers Compensation Fraud

Insurance companies usually hire investigators to look into workers compensation fraud. The following are some of the things that might indicate workers’ compensation fraud;

  • Not reporting an injury within a reasonable amount of time
  • Not keeping medical appointments
  • Refusing to receive recommended medical treatment
  • Failing to follow a medical professional’s instructions
  • Having a history of workers’ compensation claims
  • Making contradictory statements

Note: Being accused of workers’ compensation fraud not only has the potential of ruining your chances of recovering the workers compensation benefits you deserve. Unfortunately, you also risk facing criminal penalties if accused of workers compensation fraud.

What To Do if Accused of Workers Compensation Fraud?

If you suffered injuries or developed an illness while at work and are being accused of workers compensation fraud after filing a workers’ compensation claim, it is best that you contact a qualified attorney. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can help you validate your claim. For example, they can assist you in gathering evidence that can help you prove that your injuries are work-related. If necessary, an attorney can help you file a lawsuit.

How Can You Prevent Accusations of Workers Compensation Fraud?

Firstly, working with a workers compensation attorney can help you prevent accusations of fraud. Insurance companies are more likely to wrongly accuse an employee working alone than one working with an attorney.

Secondly, to prevent accusations of workers compensation fraud, maintain a record of all the details surrounding your injury. For example, write down other workers who might have witnessed the accident that caused your injury. You can also take pictures of where the accident happened and any equipment that was involved.

Thirdly, ensure you follow your doctor’s orders and keep a record of your medical appointments, diagnosis, and prognosis.

Lastly, you may want to watch what you post on your social media platforms, as your posts can be used against you. For example, if you claim you suffered a severe injury, but there is a post of you hiking online, the insurance company may use that post against you.

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