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Personal Injury Attorney in Marathon Serving All of The Florida Keys

Lyons and Snyder are dedicated personal injury attorneys in Marathon, Florida, fighting for accident victims’ rights since 2008. Our extensive experience has secured millions in compensation. 

As former Assistant State Attorneys, we bring valuable legal insight to a variety of accident cases, prioritizing justice, transparency, and personalized attention. Our mission is to hold negligent parties accountable, ensuring clients receive both compensation and compassionate care.

Personal Injury Attorney Marathon, FL

We proudly serve as leading personal injury attorneys in Marathon, FL, with a strong track record of securing millions in compensation for our clients. Our seasoned team is relentless in pursuing justice for victims of negligence, specializing in various personal injury cases, including car accidents, slip and falls, and wrongful death. 

With decades of experience, we’re not just attorneys; we’re dedicated advocates who stand up to insurance companies to ensure fair compensation. We handle every detail, allowing clients to focus on recovery, with a personalized approach that makes a meaningful difference. Trust us as your champions in the fight for justice.

Get Legal Help For Personal Injuries In Marathon, FL

In our commitment to providing exceptional legal representation for personal injuries in Marathon, FL, we recognize the importance of assisting you through this challenging time effectively. As personal injury lawyers in this scenic Florida city, we’re dedicated to ensuring you receive the legal assistance necessary to recover from your injuries and move forward.

Our services encompass a range of crucial aspects:

  1. Case Evaluation: We conduct a thorough assessment of your situation, providing clarity on your legal standing and potential case outcomes.
  2. Representation in Court: If your case proceeds to court, our personal injury attorney in Marathon will vigorously defend your rights, pursuing the best possible outcome.
  3. Negotiation with Insurance Companies: Our expertise lies in negotiating with insurance firms to secure the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Getting legal help for personal injuries in Marathon, FL, doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We’re here to guide you at every juncture and advocate for your rights. Our personalized approach ensures you’re treated as an individual, not just a case number.

In times of adversity, having someone well-versed in the legal system by your side is essential. Reach out to us without hesitation, and let our personal injury attorney in Marathon assist you in obtaining the compensation you’re entitled to.

Why Choose Florida Keys Injury Lawyers Marc Lyons And Philip Snyder

Choosing experienced personal injury attorneys like Lyons and Snyder is a pivotal step in securing your rightful compensation. But why choose us?

Lyons and Snyder, the personal injury attorney specialists in Marathon, FL, boast a proven track record, having recovered millions for our clients. Our expertise encompasses various cases, including car accidents, moped and scooter accidents, and slip and falls. This extensive experience allows us to tailor our approach to your unique case, ensuring you receive the representation you deserve.

However, we are not just about experience. We are dedicated to transparency, accessibility, and safeguarding your rights. We recognize that personal injury cases can be overwhelming, and we are committed to guiding you through the process, addressing your inquiries, and ensuring you grasp your available options.

What truly distinguishes us is our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. We work closely with our clients, offering personalized attention and treating each case with the utmost respect. Our positive testimonials serve as a testament to our diligence, responsiveness, and professionalism.

Our objective extends beyond merely securing your rightful compensation; it also involves ensuring you receive the necessary care. We champion your rights and hold negligent parties accountable. Therefore, when you require a personal injury attorney in Marathon, FL, remember that choosing Lyons and Snyder is a prudent decision.

Your Rights As A Personal Injury Victim

Understanding your rights as a personal injury victim is crucial to securing the compensation you deserve. As your personal injury attorney, we’re here to help you navigate the complexities of personal injury law and ensure your rights are protected.

  1. Your Right to File a Claim: As a victim, you’re entitled to file a personal injury claim against the party responsible for your injuries. This right remains irrespective of whether the person acted intentionally or negligently.
  2. Your Right to Compensation: If you’ve suffered due to someone’s negligence, you’re eligible for compensation. This can cover medical expenses, lost wages, emotional distress, and other related costs.
  3. Your Right to Legal Representation: It’s your right to hire a personal injury attorney to represent you. We can provide legal advice, gather evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and if necessary, represent you in court.

Knowing your rights as a personal injury victim is essential to get the justice you deserve. It’s not just about seeking compensation; it’s about holding those responsible accountable for their actions.

We understand that dealing with the aftermath of a personal injury can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re committed to walking you through every step of the process. We’ll ensure your rights are upheld and work tirelessly to secure the compensation you’re entitled to.

Why You Need To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

Hiring a personal injury lawyer is essential for several reasons:

  1. Legal Expertise: Personal injury lawyers have a deep understanding of the law, allowing them to navigate complex legal procedures and regulations.
  2. Maximizing Compensation: They work to secure the maximum compensation you deserve, considering all aspects of your case, including medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.
  3. Negotiating with Insurance Companies: Personal injury attorneys are skilled negotiators who can effectively communicate with insurance companies to ensure you receive a fair settlement.
  4. Gathering Evidence: They collect and analyze evidence to build a strong case on your behalf, including medical records, witness statements, and expert opinions.
  5. Trial Representation: If negotiations fail, they are prepared to take your case to court and advocate for your rights in front of a judge and jury.
  6. Reducing Stress: Having a lawyer handle the legal aspects of your case allows you to focus on your recovery and reduces the stress of dealing with legal matters.
  7. Contingency Fees: Many personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you don’t pay unless they win your case, making legal representation accessible.

In summary, hiring a personal injury lawyer ensures you have a dedicated advocate with the expertise to protect your rights and maximize your compensation after an injury.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury law encompasses various case types that we handle regularly. Our practice includes cases related to car accidents, moped accidents, bicycle accidents, and incidents involving ride-sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft. Additionally, pedestrian accidents are a significant focus of our work, each presenting its own set of challenges and complexities.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are a common type of personal injury case that we handle. When it comes to car accidents, our expertise allows us to assist victims in seeking compensation for injuries and losses. We understand the complexities of these cases and work diligently to ensure our clients receive the representation they need. Our goal is to help you navigate the legal process and secure the compensation you deserve after a car accident.

Moped Accidents

Moped accidents are another category of personal injury cases that we are well-equipped to handle. When it comes to moped accidents, our experience and knowledge of personal injury law allow us to assist victims in pursuing compensation for their injuries and related losses. 

These cases can be complex, but we are dedicated to providing the legal support needed to help clients recover from moped accidents and obtain the compensation they are entitled to.

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents are a significant area of personal injury law that we specialize in. If you’ve been involved in a bicycle accident, our expertise in handling such cases can be invaluable. 

We understand the unique challenges and legal aspects of bicycle accident cases, and we’re committed to assisting victims in seeking compensation for their injuries and damages. Our goal is to provide you with the legal support and guidance necessary to navigate the complexities of bicycle accident claims and secure the compensation you deserve.

Uber/Lyft Accidents

Accidents involving ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft are another area of personal injury law where we excel. If you’ve been injured in an Uber or Lyft accident, our experience in handling such cases can be a valuable asset. We understand the specific dynamics of ride-sharing accidents, including liability issues and insurance coverage complexities. 

Our dedicated team is here to assist you in pursuing a claim and seeking compensation for your injuries and losses resulting from the accident. You can rely on us to provide the legal representation you need to navigate the intricacies of Uber and Lyft accident cases.

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are a significant focus of our practice in the realm of personal injury law. When pedestrians are involved in accidents with vehicles, the consequences can be severe. 

Our experienced team is well-versed in handling pedestrian accident cases, understanding the unique challenges they present. We work diligently to investigate the circumstances of the accident, gather evidence, and build a strong case on behalf of injured pedestrians. 

Our goal is to seek justice for victims of pedestrian accidents and secure the compensation they need to recover from their injuries and move forward with their lives. If you’ve been involved in a pedestrian accident, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for expert legal assistance.

Slip And Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are a common type of personal injury case that we handle. These incidents occur when an individual slips, trips, or falls on another person’s property due to hazardous conditions or negligence on the part of the property owner. Slip and fall accidents can lead to various injuries, including broken bones, sprains, and head injuries.

Our experienced team of personal injury attorneys is well-equipped to handle slip and fall cases. We thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident, gather evidence, and work to establish liability on the part of the property owner. This may include demonstrating that the property owner knew about the dangerous condition but failed to address it or failed to provide adequate warning to visitors.

Our goal in slip and fall cases is to secure compensation for our clients to cover their medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering resulting from the accident. We understand the physical, emotional, and financial toll that slip and fall accidents can take on individuals and their families. That’s why we’re dedicated to fighting for the rights of those who have been injured in such accidents and holding property owners accountable for their negligence. If you’ve experienced a slip and fall accident, contact us for expert legal representation.

Worker’s Comp

Worker’s compensation, often referred to as worker’s comp, is a system of insurance that provides benefits to employees who suffer work-related injuries or illnesses. It is designed to protect both employees and employers in the event of workplace accidents or health issues.

Here’s how worker’s compensation works:

  1. Coverage: In most states, employers are required to carry worker’s compensation insurance. This insurance covers employees in case of work-related injuries or illnesses, regardless of who is at fault.
  2. Reporting: When an employee is injured or becomes ill due to their job, they must report the incident to their employer promptly. This is a crucial step in initiating the worker’s comp process.
  3. Medical Treatment: Worker’s comp typically covers the cost of medical treatment and rehabilitation for the injured employee. This can include doctor’s visits, hospitalization, surgery, physical therapy, and more.
  4. Wage Replacement: If the injured employee is unable to work while recovering, worker’s comp provides wage replacement benefits. These benefits usually amount to a percentage of the employee’s regular wages.
  5. Permanent Disability: In cases where the injury results in a permanent disability that affects the employee’s ability to work, worker’s comp may provide additional compensation.
  6. Death Benefits: If a work-related injury or illness leads to the death of an employee, worker’s comp can provide death benefits to the employee’s dependents.
  7. Legal Protections: Worker’s comp laws protect employees from retaliation by their employers for filing a claim. Employees have the right to seek worker’s comp benefits without fear of losing their job.

Worker’s compensation is a no-fault system, meaning that employees can typically receive benefits regardless of who caused the injury or illness. In exchange for these benefits, employees usually give up their right to sue their employer for negligence in most cases.

If you’ve been injured on the job or have a work-related illness, it’s essential to report it to your employer and seek medical attention promptly. Worker’s compensation is there to provide support and financial assistance during your recovery. If you encounter any issues with your worker’s comp claim, consider seeking legal advice from a personal injury attorney experienced in worker’s compensation cases.

Types of damages available in personal injury cases

In personal injury cases, the victims may be entitled to different types of damages. These can range from economic and non-economic damages to punitive damages, each of which we’ll discuss further.

It’s crucial to understand how to calculate compensation for injuries and how to deal with insurance companies, topics we’re about to address.


When we’re talking about compensation in personal injury cases, there’s a range of economic damages we can help you recover. As your personal injury attorney in Marathon, FL, we’re experienced in advocating for victims to receive full compensation.

Typically, we focus on three primary types of economic damages:

  1. Medical Expenses: This includes both your past and future medical bills related to the injury.
  2. Lost Wages: If your injury forced you to take time off work, you’re entitled to recover lost income.
  3. Property Damage: If your personal belongings were damaged in the incident, we’ll work to get those costs covered.

These economic damages are crucial in ensuring you’re made whole after an accident. Our goal is to secure a fair and just outcome for you.


Beyond helping you recover economic damages, we also advocate for non-economic damages in personal injury cases. These damages, often overlooked, are crucial in providing full compensation for the impact an accident has on your life.

Non-economic damages cover things such as pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, and even loss of companionship. As your personal injury attorney in Marathon, FL, we fight hard to ensure these non-material losses aren’t disregarded. We know they’re as real as any economic loss you’ve suffered. It’s our job to ensure the court recognizes this, and you receive the compensation you deserve.

Non-economic damages can’t fix everything, but they can help you move forward.


Our firm’s pursuit of justice doesn’t stop at economic and non-economic damages; we’re also dedicated to seeking punitive damages in personal injury cases when it’s warranted. As personal injury lawyers in Marathon, we understand that punitive damages serve as a deterrent to prevent gross negligence and intentional misconduct.

  1. Punitive Damages: These are awarded in cases where the defendant’s actions were particularly heinous or egregious. They’re designed to punish and discourage such behavior from happening again.
  2. Establishing Liability: We’ve a strong track record in proving the defendant’s liability and intent, which is crucial for punitive damages.
  3. Maximizing Compensation: We fight tirelessly to ensure that our clients receive maximum compensation, including punitive damages, in their personal injury cases.

Choose us, your personal injury attorney in Marathon, FL, for a relentless pursuit of justice.

Calculating compensation for injuries

Calculating compensation for injuries in a personal injury case involves assessing the damages suffered by the injured party. Personal injury compensation is typically categorized into two main types: compensatory and punitive damages.

Compensatory Damages:

  • Medical Expenses: This includes all past and future medical costs related to the injury, such as doctor’s visits, hospitalization, surgery, medication, rehabilitation, and therapy.
  • Lost Wages: Compensation for income lost due to the injury, including missed work days and potential future earnings if the injury affects the ability to work.
  • Pain and Suffering: Damages awarded for the physical and emotional distress experienced as a result of the injury.
  • Property Damage: Compensation for damage to the injured party’s property, such as a vehicle in a car accident case.
  • Loss of Consortium: In some cases, compensation may be awarded to the injured party’s spouse for the loss of companionship and support due to the injury.

Punitive Damages:

  • Punitive damages are not always awarded in personal injury cases, but they may be applicable in situations involving extreme negligence or intentional harm.
  • These damages are intended to punish the at-fault party for their behavior and to deter similar actions in the future.

It’s important to note that calculating compensation for injuries is a complex process and varies from case to case. Each case is unique, and the specific circumstances of the injury and its impact on the injured party play a significant role in determining the amount of compensation.

To calculate compensation accurately, various factors must be considered, including the severity of the injury, the extent of medical treatment required, the impact on the injured party’s life and ability to work, and any long-term effects of the injury. Additionally, consulting with medical experts and financial professionals may be necessary to assess future medical expenses and lost earning capacity.

Personal injury attorneys play a crucial role in helping injured parties navigate the compensation calculation process. They work to ensure that all applicable damages are considered and that the injured party receives fair and just compensation for their losses. This often involves negotiations with insurance companies or legal action if a settlement cannot be reached.

In summary, calculating compensation for injuries involves a thorough evaluation of the damages suffered by the injured party, including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. It is a complex process that requires careful assessment of the specific circumstances of each case. Personal injury attorneys are instrumental in advocating for the injured party’s rights and securing the compensation they deserve.

Dealing with insurance companies

Dealing with insurance companies in personal injury cases can be a complex and challenging process. Insurance companies are primarily concerned with minimizing their payouts, which can make it difficult for injured parties to receive fair compensation. Here’s how personal injury attorneys handle interactions with insurance companies to ensure their clients’ rights are protected:

  1. Initial Contact: When an injured party hires a personal injury attorney, the attorney takes over all communication with the insurance company. This ensures that the injured party doesn’t inadvertently say something that could be used against them.
  2. Investigation: Personal injury attorneys conduct a thorough investigation to gather evidence supporting the injured party’s claim. This may include medical records, accident reports, witness statements, and expert opinions.
  3. Negotiation: Attorneys negotiate with the insurance company on behalf of their clients. They present the evidence and make a compelling case for fair compensation. Negotiations may involve back-and-forth discussions to reach a settlement.
  4. Protecting Rights: Personal injury attorneys understand the tactics insurance companies use to undervalue claims. They work to protect their clients from tactics such as lowball settlement offers, delay tactics, or attempts to shift blame.
  5. Advocacy: If negotiations fail to result in a fair settlement, personal injury attorneys are prepared to take the case to court. They will advocate for their clients in front of a judge and jury to secure the compensation they deserve.
  6. Maximizing Claims: Attorneys aim to maximize their clients’ injury claims by considering all relevant factors, including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and future costs related to the injury.
  7. No Pressure to Settle: Attorneys ensure that their clients don’t feel pressured to accept an inadequate settlement. They provide guidance on whether a settlement offer is fair based on the merits of the case.
  8. Legal Expertise: Personal injury attorneys have a deep understanding of personal injury law and insurance regulations, which allows them to navigate the complexities of insurance claims effectively.
  9. Communication Management: Attorneys handle all communication with the insurance company, protecting their clients from inadvertently jeopardizing their case.
  10. Trial Preparation: In the event that a trial is necessary, attorneys prepare a strong case, including gathering evidence, selecting expert witnesses, and presenting a compelling argument in court.

Overall, personal injury attorneys serve as advocates for their clients, ensuring that insurance companies fulfill their obligations to provide fair compensation for injuries. Their expertise and experience are invaluable in achieving just outcomes for injured parties.

What To Expect From A Personal Injury Case

When pursuing a personal injury case, individuals can expect a structured process aimed at obtaining compensation for their injuries and losses. Here’s what to expect from a personal injury case:

  1. Initial Consultation: The process typically begins with an initial consultation with a personal injury attorney. During this meeting, the attorney assesses the details of the case, including the nature of the injury, the responsible party, and potential damages.
  2. Case Evaluation: After accepting the case, the attorney conducts a thorough evaluation. This involves gathering evidence, reviewing medical records, interviewing witnesses, and assessing liability.
  3. Legal Representation: The injured party is represented by the personal injury attorney, who provides legal advice, guides them through the process, and handles all communication with insurance companies and the opposing party.
  4. Negotiations: In many cases, negotiations with the insurance company of the at-fault party take place. The attorney presents a demand letter outlining the injuries, damages, and compensation sought. Negotiations aim to reach a fair settlement without going to court.
  5. Litigation: If negotiations fail to yield a satisfactory settlement, the case may proceed to litigation. The attorney files a lawsuit, initiating the formal legal process. Both parties engage in discovery, which involves gathering evidence, conducting depositions, and exchanging information.
  6. Pre-Trial Motions: Before trial, there may be pre-trial motions where both sides address legal issues or disputes that could impact the case’s direction.
  7. Trial: If the case goes to trial, it is presented before a judge and jury. The attorney presents evidence, calls witnesses, and argues the case. The jury then deliberates and reaches a verdict.
  8. Verdict and Judgment: If the jury finds in favor of the injured party, a judgment is issued, specifying the compensation awarded. If the verdict is appealed, the process may continue in higher courts.
  9. Compensation: Upon a successful outcome, the injured party receives compensation for damages, which may include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.
  10. Attorney’s Fees: Personal injury attorneys typically work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they only get paid if they win the case. Their fees are a percentage of the compensation awarded.
  11. Closure: With the case resolved, the injured party can move forward with their life, knowing they have been compensated for their losses.

Throughout this process, the personal injury attorney serves as an advocate, guiding the injured party and working diligently to secure the compensation they deserve. The goal is to achieve justice and financial recovery for the victim of negligence or wrongful actions.

Personal Injury Case Timeline

Understanding the timeline of a personal injury case is essential for those seeking compensation for their injuries. This process typically consists of three key phases: investigation, negotiation, and litigation. Let’s delve into the details of each stage.


Our journey begins when you choose us as your personal injury attorney in Marathon, FL. We promptly initiate a thorough investigation to build a strong case for your personal injury claim. Our commitment to this process is unwavering.

Our investigation involves the following critical steps:

  1. Collecting all relevant information related to your case, including medical records, police reports, and witness statements.
  2. Collaborating with experts to assess the full extent of your injuries and their impact on your future.
  3. Identifying liable parties and understanding their insurance coverage.


Following our comprehensive investigation, we transition to the negotiation phase, a pivotal stage that determines the compensation you receive. As your personal injury attorney in Marathon, FL, we are skilled in the art of negotiation. We leverage the evidence from your case to advocate for a fair settlement on your behalf.

The negotiation process entails presenting your case to the opposing party, who will respond with a settlement offer. We evaluate this offer and, if deemed unfair, counter with a more suitable amount. Throughout this process, our primary goal is to secure the maximum compensation you rightfully deserve. Successful negotiation demands experience and finesse, qualities we possess abundantly.


While our preference is to reach a settlement through negotiations, we are fully prepared to take your personal injury case to court if the opposing party refuses to offer a fair settlement. As your personal injury attorney in Marathon, FL, we will guide you through the litigation process.

The litigation process unfolds as follows:

  1. Filing a lawsuit: We initiate the legal proceedings by filing the necessary documents.
  2. Discovery stage: During this phase, we gather evidence, conduct witness interviews, and construct a robust case.
  3. Trial: If a settlement remains elusive, we present your case before a judge or jury.

This litigation process necessitates legal expertise and an unwavering commitment to protecting your rights. Trust us to be your dedicated advocate throughout this marathon for justice.

Statute Of Limitations For Personal Injury Lawsuits In Florida

In Florida, the statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits sets a legal time limit within which you must file your case. The specific time frame can vary depending on the type of personal injury claim. Here are some key points regarding the statute of limitations in Florida:

  1. Personal Injury (General): For most personal injury cases, including those arising from car accidents, slip and fall accidents, and other common scenarios, the statute of limitations is typically four years from the date of the incident. This means you have four years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit.
  2. Wrongful Death: In cases involving wrongful death, where a family member has passed away due to someone else’s negligence or wrongful act, the statute of limitations is generally two years from the date of death. It’s important to note that this is separate from the criminal case, if applicable.
  3. Medical Malpractice: Medical malpractice cases have a slightly different statute of limitations. In Florida, you generally have two years from the time you discovered or should have discovered the injury, but no more than four years from the date of the alleged malpractice.
  4. Minors: If the injured party is a minor (under 18 years old), the statute of limitations may be extended. Minors typically have seven years from the date of the incident or until their 22nd birthday to file a personal injury lawsuit, whichever is longer.
  5. Government Entities: Cases involving injuries caused by government entities or employees may have different rules and shorter timeframes for filing claims. It’s important to consult an attorney if your case involves a government entity.
  6. Notice of Intent: In some cases, Florida law requires a notice of intent to be filed before a lawsuit can proceed. This notice may extend the time in which you can file a lawsuit, so it’s essential to consult with an attorney early in the process.

It’s crucial to be aware of the applicable statute of limitations for your specific case, as failing to file within the prescribed time limit can result in the loss of your right to pursue a personal injury claim. Consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney can help ensure that you meet all deadlines and take appropriate legal action.

What Is Breach Of Duty Of Care

A breach of the duty of care is a legal concept that arises in the field of personal injury law. It refers to a situation in which an individual or entity fails to meet the standard of care that is expected in a particular situation, resulting in harm or injury to another person. Here are the key elements of a breach of duty of care:

  1. Duty of Care: The duty of care is a legal obligation that one person or entity owes to others to act reasonably and prudently in order to prevent foreseeable harm. The specific duty of care can vary depending on the circumstances. For example, a driver has a duty to operate their vehicle safely to prevent accidents.
  2. Standard of Care: The standard of care is the level of care that a reasonable person or entity would exercise in a similar situation. It is a measure of what is considered reasonable and prudent behavior. For example, a doctor is held to a higher standard of care when providing medical treatment.
  3. Breach of Duty: A breach of the duty of care occurs when an individual or entity fails to meet the established standard of care. This means they did not act in a manner that a reasonable person or entity would have under similar circumstances. It is essentially a failure to exercise the required level of caution or care.
  4. Causation: To establish a breach of duty, it must be shown that the failure to meet the standard of care directly caused harm or injury to another person. This element connects the breach of duty to the resulting harm.
  5. Foreseeability: The harm that occurred must have been foreseeable or reasonably foreseeable as a consequence of the breach of duty. In other words, it must have been a foreseeable outcome of the negligent actions.

When all these elements are present, a breach of duty of care can serve as the basis for a personal injury claim. The injured party may seek compensation for the damages they suffered due to the breach of duty, including medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more.

It’s important to note that the specific duty of care and standard of care can vary depending on the circumstances and the relationship between the parties involved. Personal injury cases often involve a careful examination of these elements to determine whether a breach of duty occurred. Consulting with a personal injury attorney is crucial to assess the viability of a claim and pursue compensation for injuries resulting from a breach of duty of care.

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If you wish to get in touch with us to discuss your personal injury case or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. As your dedicated personal injury attorneys, we’re here to provide you with expert assistance and guidance throughout the legal process.

To contact us today, you can:

Call Us: You can reach us by phone at 786-847-7388. Our team is ready to listen to your story, answer your questions, and provide you with the information you need.

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We understand that each case is unique, and we’re committed to providing personalized attention to your situation. Our goal is to ensure your rights are upheld, and you receive the compensation you deserve. Time is of the essence in personal injury cases, so don’t delay—contact us today, and let us begin the process of seeking justice on your behalf. Your path to justice and fair compensation starts with a call or message to us. We’re here to stand by your side.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Sets Florida Keys Injury Lawyers Apart From Other Law Firms in Marathon, FL?

Florida Keys Injury Lawyers stand out due to our unwavering dedication to clients, decades of legal experience, and an impressive track record of recovering millions for accident victims. We prioritize accessibility, transparency, and a deep commitment to justice.

What Specific Strategies Do Marc Lyons and Philip Snyder Employ When Handling Personal Injury Cases?

Our strategies revolve around proving negligence and liability, aiming to secure full damages for victims, even going beyond Florida’s no-fault insurance scheme. We focus on holding negligent parties accountable and ensuring our clients receive the compensation they rightfully deserve.

How Does Florida Keys Injury Lawyers Address the Emotional and Psychological Impact of an Accident on Their Clients?

We understand the emotional toll accidents can take on our clients. That’s why we provide compassionate and personalized attention, ensuring that our clients are not only legally represented but also emotionally supported throughout the challenging recovery and litigation process.

Can Florida Keys Injury Lawyers Assist With Cases Involving Medical Malpractice or Product Liability?

Yes, we are well-equipped to handle a wide range of cases, including those involving medical malpractice and product liability. Our extensive experience and knowledge empower us to fight for justice and secure the compensation our clients deserve in such situations.

What Steps Does Florida Keys Injury Lawyers Take to Ensure the Privacy and Confidentiality of Their Clients’ Information?

We are deeply committed to safeguarding our clients’ information. To ensure privacy and confidentiality, we adhere to strict protocols, employ secure storage systems, and limit access to sensitive data. Respecting our clients’ privacy and ensuring that their details are not disclosed without consent is a top priority.

If you have any more questions or require legal assistance, please feel free to contact us. We’re here to help you navigate your personal injury case with care and expertise.

Contact a Key West Car Accident Lawyer

The best way to make sure you get paid what you deserve for the pain and suffering you’ve had to endure after your accident is to work with a skilled personal injury attorney. At Florida Keys Injury, our Key West car accident lawyers have the experience you need to secure fair pain and suffering compensation. Contact us today at 786-730-7198 to schedule a consultation.

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Connect with nature at the Dolphin Research Center, witness the dedicated work of the Turtle Hospital, or immerse yourself in the lush greenery of Crane Point Hammock and Nature Trail. Savor fresh seafood delights, enjoy vibrant nightlife, and explore quaint shops and art galleries. Marathon, Florida, is an experience waiting to be discovered.

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  • Pigeon Key: 3897 Overseas Hwy, Marathon, FL 33050, USA
  • The Florida Keys Eco-Museum: 2400 Overseas Hwy, Marathon, FL 33050, USA
  • Marathon Key Wild Bird Center: 5152 Overseas Hwy, Marathon, FL 33050
  • Windsurfer Beach: 1320 Sombrero Beach Rd, Marathon, FL 33050, USA

Schools in Marathon, FL

  • Florida Keys Community College – Marathon Campus: 5101 Overseas Hwy, Marathon, FL 33050
  • University of Florida IFAS Extension: 5101 Overseas Hwy, Suite 203, Marathon, FL 33050
  • Goshen College Marine Biology Laboratory: 8194 Overseas Hwy, Marathon, FL 33050
  • National Undersea Research Center: 901 South Key Largo Blvd, Key Largo, FL 33037

Highways in Marathon, FL

  • Transportation Department at 3100 Overseas Hwy
  • Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority at 3200 Overseas Hwy
  • Marathon City Offices at 9805 Overseas Hwy
  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection – Marathon Border Patrol Station at 3770 Overseas Hwy
  • The Quay on Overseas Highway at 12650 Overseas Hwy
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