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Category Archives: Moped Crash


What Damages Can I Recover After A Florida Keys Moped Or Scooter Accident?

By Florida Keys Injury |

If you were recently in a moped or scooter accident and are planning to file a personal injury claim, you may be wondering what damages you can recover after you file your claim. So, what damages can you recover after a Florida Keys moped or scooter accident? The truth is that the exact damages… Read More »

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What Is My Florida Keys Scooter/Moped Accident Claim Worth?

By Florida Keys Injury |

Scooters and mopeds are popular forms of transportation in the Florida Keys. Whether you are a resident or tourist, the chances are, you have moved around in a scooter or moped at least once. Scooters and mopeds offer people an opportunity to get around easily. They are also a fun way to get around… Read More »

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Moped Accident in the Keys. Now What?

By Florida Keys Injury |

Injured in moped accident “I was on vacation in the Florida Keys and I was in a moped accident. Now what?” Don’t worry, you have rights and can get your medical expenses covered. Whether you’re from Florida, another US state, or even an international tourist, here’s what you need to do… Check yourself for… Read More »

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