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Most Common Florida Workers’ Compensation Claims


Work-related injuries happen all the time. Unfortunately, a work-related injury can result in substantial medical expenses and an employee being forced to stay away from work. However, the good news is that if you suffer a work-related injury, you may be eligible to recover workers compensation benefits. Usually, after a work-related injury, an employee can recover medical expenses and lost wages through a workers compensation claim. Also, if you lose a loved one because of a work-related injury, you may be eligible to recover benefits.

Many accidents, injuries, and illnesses can bring rise to a workers compensation claim. However, some accidents, injuries, and illnesses are more common than others. The following are some of the most common incidents that give rise to Florida workers compensation claims.


Burn injuries in the workplace are pretty common. Unfortunately, if an employee sustains a third-degree burn, it can change their lives. Some employees who suffer third-degree burns are forced to miss work for months or even longer. Open flames and caustic chemicals are just a few examples of things that can cause burns in the workplace.

Toxic Exposure                                                                                                            

Chemical exposure in the workplace can result in harm ranging from mild irritations to cancer. Being exposed to toxic chemicals in the workplace can even lead to death. According to OSHA, about 32 million workers are regularly exposed to hazardous chemicals in the workplace.

Slips and Falls

Some of the common injuries that result from slips and falls in the workplace include spinal cord injuries, leg injuries, neck injuries, and foot injuries. Unfortunately, injuries that result from slips and falls can be quite painful and result in a worker being forced to miss work for a considerable amount of time as they recover.


Overexertion occurs when workers strain their bodies or put too much pressure on themselves. Usually, overexertion occurs when an employee performs a repetitive task too many times without enough rest. For example, an employee who lifts heavy objects all the time in the workplace is at risk of suffering overexertion.

Vehicle Accidents

Some jobs require employees to drive personal or company vehicles. In such jobs, vehicle accidents are pretty common.


Electrocution is a serious issue in industrial and construction settings. Whether working with faulty power connections, temporary lighting systems, or damaged extension cord plugs, the threat of being electrocuted in the workplace is real.

Struck by Falling Objects

Every workplace creates a hazard of workers being struck by falling objects. However, this is quite common in construction zones. For example, an employee could get struck by a filing cabinet in the office, and a worker could get struck by concrete at a construction site. Unfortunately, when falling from great heights, something as heavy as concrete or small as a pen can result in severe or fatal injuries.

Machinery Accidents

Although these accidents are not as common as other workplace accidents, they still happen. People with factory or construction jobs are at a higher risk of injuries from machinery accidents. For example, a machinery accident could happen during demolition if heavy machinery is being used.

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