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Florida Keys Injury Lawyers > Blog > Trucking Accident > A Commercial Truck Hit My RV in the Florida Keys — What Are My Options?

A Commercial Truck Hit My RV in the Florida Keys — What Are My Options?

Commercial Truck Hit My RV in the Florida Keys

Whether you’re traveling down the Overseas Highway or pulling out of a Key West parking lot, a truck accident involving your RV can ruin your day — or worse. Learn what options you have after a collision with a commercial truck from a Florida Keys truck accident attorney.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Like passenger vehicles, commercial trucks can cause crashes for various reasons. 

  • The driver was distracted, intoxicated, or tired.
  • The driver suffered a medical event, such as a heart attack or seizure.
  • The driver was going too fast for conditions or following other vehicles too closely.
  • The driver was on his phone.
  • The truck experienced mechanical problems like faulty brakes.
  • Bad weather, road obstructions, or other factors contributed to the crash.
  • The truck was carrying too much weight.

Filing an Insurance Claim

Oftentimes, truckers work for large commercial companies with substantial insurance policies.

That being said, truckers are notorious for misrepresenting their liability to the police and their employers.  

Truckers know that a violation can affect their ability to gain future employment.

Additionally, truckers are trained as to what to say / what not to say if they are involved in a crash.

As a result, it is imperative you immediately retain an attorney to gather and preserve evidence including video surveillance, electronic data, and witness statements before they “disappear”.

Do not think you can negotiate with the insurance company on your own.   Insurance companies who write policies for commercial vehicles have teams of lawyers on call to find ways to reduce the amount they have to pay, including offering you a small settlement, negotiating aggressively, or blaming you for the accident to avoid liability altogether.

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

If negotiations with insurance companies don’t produce a fair settlement, you may opt to file a lawsuit against the truck driver and the trucking company. A successful claim depends on having sufficient evidence to support your case.

To help your attorney prove your case:

  • Take pictures: Photograph the accident scene, vehicles (including the truck’s DOT number), truck driver, property damage, and visible injuries.
  • Gather witness information: If anyone saw the accident, ask for their name and contact details.

Contact a Florida Keys Truck Accident Attorney

Whether you file an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit, having an experienced attorney by your side makes the process more efficient. Personal injury lawyers are very familiar with truck accident cases, including the strategies trucking companies and insurance companies use to deflect liability or reduce compensation amounts.

An experienced truck accident lawyer can represent you in settlement negotiations, keep you informed of your legal rights, and gather evidence that may be difficult for you to secure on your own, such as surveillance footage of the accident or data from the truck’s black box or EDR (event data recorder).

Truck crashes differ from standard car accidents. That’s because trucking companies must follow strict regulations regarding proper cargo loading, truck maintenance, employee drug testing, and driver operating hours. If an employer or truck driver violated any of these rules, they may be legally liable for your accident.

Hurt in a Truck Accident in Key West? Call Florida Keys Injury

If you need help after a truck accident, contact Florida Keys Injury online to schedule a free case consultation. 

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