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Trucking Accidents in the Florida Keys


Trucking accident injuries

Traffic related accidents are the leading cause of injury in the Florida Keys.

Vehicles such as oil tankers, freight haulers, semis or 18-wheelers are much larger than passenger vehicles and cause a lot more destruction when a crash occurs. Large tractor trailer’s frequently travel to and from the mainland to major population centers in the Florida Keys creating an enhanced zone of danger for this community.

As we all know, in the Florida Keys, there is one way in and one way out if you are travelling in a car. Most stretches of US 1 have a 55-mph zone, however many areas along US 1 have popular “pull-over” spots for tourists or locals alike. This creates a dangerous combination of speed and frequent stopping by vehicles.

Recently, the Monroe County Sheriff has pressed the Florida Department of Transportation to reduce the speed limit in areas known for frequent “pull-overs” on US 1 due to the increase in accidents in these areas. As recently as this past summer, several tourists were killed by a large truck as they waited to turn off US 1 at one of the many “pull-over” spots.

Top causes of tractor-trailer accidents

1. Driver error
2. Improper vehicle maintenance
3. Equipment failure
4. Trucking company policies

Are tractor accidents preventable?

Like most traffic accidents, tractor trailer accidents are usually preventable. Many trucking accidents could have been prevented either by the driver or by the trucking company, or both.

Trucking accidents are often caused because of the economic pressure applied to the drivers by the trucking company. Time is money and these companies want their load delivered as soon as possible. The economic pressures often lead to excessive driving, driver fatigue, drug dependence, and other unsafe operation.

Florida Keys Injury can help

Accidents with semi-trucks or other commercial vehicles present a variety of different issues than conventional motor vehicle accidents. Trucking cases often require intimate knowledge of the Federal State regulations regarding the operation of commercial vehicles. Other than the knowledge and experience required, these cases can be costly to prosecute and often deter some lawyers from fully prosecuting them. This often results in a less than favorable outcome for the client.

At Florida Keys injury we have the resources to ensure available to get the best outcome for our clients.

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