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5 Crucial Steps To Take After A Florida Truck Accident


While having many trucks in Florida is good for the state’s economy, the unfortunate reality is that truck accidents happen quite often in the Sunshine state. Unfortunately, truck accidents are very different from the other accidents that happen on the road. First, truck accidents are generally worse than other car accidents, primarily because trucks are larger and heavier than regular cars. Because of a truck’s size and weight, a truck accident can cause catastrophic injuries. Secondly, apart from truck accidents being a leading cause of catastrophic injuries, different parties can be responsible for a truck accident. Therefore, if you pursue a personal injury claim after your truck accident, you need to identify each responsible party to ensure you recover full compensation for your damages.

Here are some are steps you can take after a truck accident to protect your right to compensation.

Call Law Enforcement/911

Calling law enforcement to the accident scene memorializes the crash.  This is crucial in the event the defendant claims that the crash did not occur on that day or time and/or that he/she was not the at-fault driver.  Law enforcement (should) collect evidence, talk to witnesses, interview all involved parties, and write an official report.

Seek Prompt Medical Attention

Even if you are unsure whether you suffered an injury, you should seek medical help after a trucking accident.   Minor traumatic brain injuries following trucking accidents are more common than you would think.   If you have any of the following issues following a trucking accident, please have someone drive you to the hospital asap (concussion, blurry vision, double vision, ringing in ears, vertigo, nausea, pounding headache, trouble balancing, dropping items, etc.).   Soft tissue injuries – such as neck or back pain – may not be immediately apparent.     Make an appointment with a doctor such as a chiropractor, orthopedic surgeon and/or your primary for an evaluation following a crash – even at low impact.

Document the Accident Scene

Take photographs of the accident scene from multiple distances and angles.

Documentation also involves gathering information from the other driver. You can do this before law enforcement arrives at the accident scene. Make sure you collect, among other things:

  • the other driver’s home address, name, and contact information;
  • the truck’s license plate number;
  • the other driver’s license number; and
  • the other driver’s insurance information

Contact Your Insurance Company

Call in the claim to your insurance company and get a claim number.  We recommend that you only report the claim (i.e. time, date, location of crash) and provide the location of your vehicle.  Do not discuss your injuries.   You can always have your attorney report the claim on your behalf.  The insurance company is not your friend; they are always looking for ways to deny your claim.  Anything you say to them can be used against you in the future (i.e. “I’m feeling ok”, “It’s not a big deal”, etc.)

Speak To Your Attorney

Speaking to a truck accident attorney after a truck accident is always a smart decision. An attorney can give you sound legal advice and help you deal with cunning insurance adjusters and/or defendants.

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