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Truck Hit And Run Accidents


Every year, thousands of truck accidents occur, many of which result in severe injuries and even death. For instance, the NSC estimates that 5,005 large trucks were involved in a fatal accident, and 118,000 large trucks were involved in accidents resulting in an injury in 2019 alone. Unfortunately, some truck accidents involve a truck driver fleeing the scene of the accident. When a truck driver flees an accident scene, the situation can become complicated and stressful for the accident victim(s). However, it is not impossible for a truck hit and run accident victim to obtain compensation from an at-fault party.

Why Truck Drivers Flee the Accident Scene?

There are many reasons why a truck driver would flee an accident scene.  If a truck driver is involved in a crash, they may fear losing their specialized commercial driver’s license (CDL).   Also, a truck driver may fear that their employer may fire them as the company’s insurance rates may increase following a claim.

Other reasons a truck driver may leave the scene is he/she:

  • Has no insurance or is underinsured;
  • Was driving while distracted;
  • Was texting and driving;
  • Was driving under the influence;
  • Has no driver’s license at the time of the crash;
  • Fears facing charges; and/or
  • Knows they were illegally operating the truck (for example, in the case of an underage teen driving a truck)

For example, in the case of a truck driver who was driving while drunk, the driver might flee to try and avoid the police until they have had time to minimize their chances of testing positive on a BAC test. Regardless of the reason for fleeing an accident scene, a truck driver who causes an accident and fails to remain at the accident scene can be arrested and charged.

Florida Law Requires Drivers To Stop After an Accident

According to Florida law, any person involved in a crash resulting in property damage, bodily injury, or death, shall immediately stop their vehicle at the accident scene or as close to it as possible. On top of stopping at an accident scene, according to Florida Statute 316.062, a driver who causes injury or death has a duty to give information and render aid.

If a driver fails to stop after an accident or give information and render aid, they are in violation of state law and could face serious consequences.

What To Do After a Truck Hit and Run Accident

Typically, after a truck hit and run accident, the truck driver faces criminal charges for fleeing the accident scene. Also, if a truck driver fled because they were driving reckless or drunk, they could face extra charges on top of being charged with “leaving the scene of an accident.”

So, what should a victim do after being in a truck hit and run accident? Victims of truck hit and run accidents often think they cannot receive financial compensation just because the truck driver who hit them fled the accident scene. Fortunately, if you write down any details about the truck or the driver (including taking a picture of the license plate), call the police, speak to witnesses, and call a skilled attorney, you may be able to recover the compensation you deserve. Even if you cannot identify or locate the truck driver, you can get compensation from your insurance company based on an underinsured or uninsured motorist situation.

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