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Tips On How To Avoid Bicycle Accidents


According to the IIHS, every year, around 2% of motor vehicle crash-related deaths involve cyclists. The IIHS estimates that, in 2019 alone, more than 840 bicyclists died in accidents with motor vehicles. Bicycles are common in the Florida Keys, which unfortunately means bicycle accidents are commonplace. In 2019 alone, for example, Monroe County experienced 96 bicycle crashes, most of which resulted in injuries. Usually, when a person survives a bicycle accident, especially one involving a motor vehicle, they are left with severe injuries, which result in substantial medical expenses, among other damages.

Fortunately, most bicycle accidents are preventable. There are several things that bicyclists can do to keep safe. Below are five tips to help you, as a bicyclist, stay safe while riding your bicycle on the same road as motor vehicles:

Ensure Your Bike Is the Correct Size

Being able to control your bicycle is key. Therefore, ensure that your bicycle is the right size for you. It is not recommendable for you to ride a bike that is either too big or too small.  It can be hard to control such a bicycle. When buying a bicycle, ensure you check the manufacturer’s sizing chart to see which bike is best for you. Also, it is best to consult a qualified salesperson when purchasing a bicycle so they can advise you accordingly.

Always Be Visible

When riding a bicycle, one of the best ways to ensure your safety is by maintaining visibility. Firstly, to maintain visibility, ensure that you wear clothing, gear, and/or equipment, including helmets, that are easily visible to drivers when riding your bike. It is advisable to wear bright reflective clothing, gear, and/or equipment. Secondly, ensure your bicycle has reflectors on it. There are reflective devices specifically made for bikes. Additionally, always use lights, whether it is during the day or night. Lights increase the chances of drivers noticing bicyclists.   Be extra vigilant when driving at dawn or dusk, as drivers may have difficultly seeing you when fighting the glare from the sun.

Avoid Riding Your Bicycle Too Fast

You should always ride your bicycle at a speed that does not jeopardize your safety. As a rider, you should always base your riding speed on factors such as road, weather, and traffic conditions. When you travel at a speed that is excessive for your current road, weather, or traffic conditions, you put yourself and others in danger.

Stick To the Safest Lane Position

Whenever there is a bicycle lane, as a bicyclist in Florida, you are generally required to ride in that lane. However, as a bicyclist, it is your duty to make an informed decision about your place on the road. You should always ride your bicycle in the lane that is safest under your present conditions.

Use Signals

Signals are crucial for riders. When riding your bicycle on the same road as motor vehicles, make sure you signal your every move. A hand signal indicating that you want to stop, slow down or change position can be what stands between you and a crash.

Contact a Key West & Marathon Bicycle Accident Lawyer

If, after doing everything possible to keep safe on the road, you get injured in a Florida Keys bicycle accident because of another motorist’s negligence, contact an experienced Key West & Marathon bicycle accident lawyer at Florida Keys Injury for legal help.


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