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Common Causes Of Bicycle Accidents


Whether you ride your bicycle for exercise or on your daily commute, the unfortunate reality is that you expose yourself to serious risks every time you hit the road with your bicycle. This is mainly because cyclists are usually at the mercy of the vehicles surrounding them on the road. Indeed, a cyclist and a motorist both have equal rights when on the road, but it is not a secret that some motorists behave like they are the only ones who have rights and privileges. From failing to yield to making unsafe lane changes, Florida motorists regularly put cyclists in danger. Unfortunately, when a cyclist gets hit by a vehicle, the chances are, they (the cyclist) will at least sustain severe injuries. Even a helmet cannot provide enough protection to a cyclist.

Fortunately, in a situation where a cyclist suffers severe injuries because of a negligent motorist, compensation can be sought. If you or someone you know has been injured in a bicycle accident because of a negligent motorist, contact a skilled bicycle accident attorney as soon as possible to discuss your legal options.

Five Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents in the Keys

In order for you to obtain compensation after a motor-vehicle-related bicycle accident in the Keys, you must prove, of course with the help of your attorney, the negligent act that the driver engaged in before your accident occurred.

There are many acts that can result in a motor vehicle-related bicycle accident. Below are five of the most common causes of motor vehicle-related bicycle accidents.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a major cause of motor vehicle-related bicycle accidents. When a driver is paying attention to other tasks, such as texting, they are more likely to cause an accident.

Motorists Turning Directly in the Path of a Bicyclist

If, for example, a vehicle makes an improper left turn in front of a bicycle, an accident might occur. In a left-turn situation, a motorist may hit a cyclist on the side, causing the cyclist to be launched from their bicycle to the street. Also, if a driver traveling next to a cyclist fails to see the cyclist and proceeds to make a right turn, they may end up cutting off the cyclist’s path.

Failing To Yield                                                                    

Failure to yield is a form of reckless driving that poses serious risks to cyclists. Failure to yield to cyclist accidents often occur at intersections. Although intersections are only a small portion of a cyclist’s journey, they are undoubtedly a dangerous portion of their journey.

Running a Red Light or Stop Sign

Running stop signs or red lights also causes bicycle accidents at intersections. While this form of behavior is dangerous on its own, it is even more hazardous when motorists fail to look out for bicyclists.

Unsafe Lane Changes

Often, bicycle accidents involving unsafe lane changes occur when a driver merges into a cyclist’s lane without first looking to make sure the lane is clear. Even if a driver is not swerving between lanes, a single unsafe lane change can be enough to cause an accident.

Contact a Key West & Marathon Bicycle Accident Lawyer

If you need help with a motor vehicle-related bicycle accident in the Keys, contact Florida Keys Injury at 786-605-8500 to schedule a free consultation with a skilled and experienced Key West & Marathon bicycle accident lawyer.


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