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The Dangerous Habit Of Running Red Lights


Drivers run red lights all the time. In some cases, running a red light causes no harm, but in others, running red lights causes horrible accidents that result in severe injuries and even death. Red light running causes different types of collisions, such as head-on collisions and T-bone collisions, which result in hundreds of deaths and tens of thousands of injuries every year. According to the IIHS, in 2020, more than 900 people died, and more than 115,000 were injured in accidents involving a red light runner. Tragically, many drivers do not realize how dangerous it is to run red lights until it is too late.

What Is Red Light Running?

According to the IIHS, running a red light is when a motorist enters an intersection any time after the signal has turned red. Also, the IIHS states that red light running occurs when a driver fails to come to a complete stop before turning in areas where a right turn on red is allowed or when a driver turns right on red at an intersection where doing so is not permitted.

Florida Law on Red Lights

According to Florida Statute 316.075, all drivers facing a steady red signal must stop before entering on the near side of the intersection or the crosswalk. In Florida, both a traffic light that has turned red and a stop sign are grouped under the term “steady red signal.”

Common Reasons Why Drivers Run Red Lights

Mostly, drivers run red lights when they are in a hurry. Drivers do not realize that it is better to arrive late at a destination than to run a red light and risk getting involved in a catastrophic accident.

Other drivers run red lights because they believe they can beat the yellow light. When a motorist approaches an intersection and the light changes from green to yellow, they might choose to press the gas pedal harder in an attempt to beat the light before it turns red. Unfortunately, drivers who try to beat the yellow lights often misjudge the timing.

Speeding is another common reason why drivers run red lights. Speeding makes it harder for a driver to stop in time to avoid running a red light because it increases the time it takes for a vehicle to stop and decreases the reaction window for which a driver can stop. When a speeding driver is about to run a red light, they must decide whether to slam on the brakes or fly through the light.

Distracted driving and driving under the influence can also lead to red light running. For instance, a driver who is texting while driving might run a red light because they are not focused on driving and cannot notice the lights changing. And an intoxicated driver might have impaired reasoning, which can result in them running a red light.

Contact Us for Legal Help

If you’ve sustained serious injuries in a Florida motor vehicle accident due to another driver’s negligent choice to run a red light, you might be entitled to file a personal injury claim and recover compensation. In cases of contested liability (“he said / she said”) on who ran the red light, we can retain an expert to download the black box (“EDR”) within the at-fault’s vehicle to determine their exact speed leading up to the crash.   This scientific evidence can disprove their testimony that they were stopped at the red light before “slowly” proceeding through the intersection.

Our Key West & Marathon car accident attorneys at Florida Keys Injury can help you file your claim and recover the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discuss your case.


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