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The accident law firm of Florida Keys Injury aggressively represent motorcycle accident victims in Key West and the surrounding areas.

We specialize in helping those injured in motorcycle crashes. Especially those hit by cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, and Ubers & Lyfts. This includes accidents where you were hit while riding a moped, scooter, motorbike, minibike, and/or dirt bike.

Marc P. Lyons and Philip M. Snyder are the best moped accident lawyers to get you the maximum settlement for your past and future medical bills, lost wages, and pain & suffering.

Common Accident Questions

  • Do I have a personal injury case?
  • What is my personal injury claim value?
  • Do I need a personal injury lawyer?
  • How much does it cost to talk to a lawyer?
  • Is there an accident lawyer near me?

The Florida Keys are unique. Many of its residents own motorcycles as opposed to cars and tourists routinely rent motorcycles to tour The Keys.

Many tourists driving cars and trucks are not use to sharing the road with motorcycles and this leads to a higher number of motorcycles accidents.

How Will Your Attorneys Help?

We will explain how motorcycle cases settle and how a jury will value your case. We will also help you understand what you can do to increase their offer.

By explaining how we build your case from day #1, you will have a better understanding of how we add value.

How Are Your Attorneys Different?

Unlike a majority of personal injury attorneys in the Florida Keys, our attorneys constantly monitor your medical treatment.

We keep track of all your bills so you don’t have to do much more than focus on getting better.

It is not uncommon for one of our attorneys to text a client 5 minutes before a medical procedure to wish them good luck.

You can count on our moped attorneys to be with you every step of the way and fight to get the insurance company to feel your pain.

How Much Does Hiring An Attorney Cost?

Accident Attorneys Marc P. Lyons and Philip M. Snyder handle all moped cases on a contingency basis.

This means that if we do not collect, you owe us nothing. That is our no-fee guarantee.


Is There An Accident Lawyer Near Me?

We know how confusing and stressful it can be when you’re injured in an accident. We have offices throughout South Florida and are happy to speak with you at any time.

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