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Injured on Vacation in the Florida Keys


Tourists from around the world visit the Florida Keys to take part in our laid back tropical paradise, water sports, fishing, and nightlife. Although Key West is a magical place, it is also known for a high number of personal injury cases, including car crashes, moped and scooter crashes, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and trip and falls. Whether is it mix of alcohol, poor infrastructure, roads in need of repair and/or a high number of pedestrians, we receive a lot of phone calls from tourists injured on vacation. Tourists have a lot of questions – we have answers.

If you are injured, take a lot of pictures.

If you are involved in a car crash, take pictures of your vehicle, the at-fault’s vehicle, any tire/skid marks, the at-fault’s insurance card, the at-fault’s license. If the at-fault driver is driving a rental car, please obtain that information also. As the at-fault party may also be a tourist, it is crucial to accurately confirm their identity and insurance.

freeconsult Injured on Vacation in the Florida Keys

If you are injured in a hotel or business, take pictures of how/why you got injured, i.e. slipped on water, slipped on oil, picture fell on your head while sleeping, nail sticking up from a slide attached to a kiddie pool (these are all recent cases we handled). Obtain the contact information of any witnesses or employees who observed the negligent act.


The Florida Keys is not home to a large number of doctors. If you are injured and are need of urgent care, the hospital is your best bet. It is best not to take the long drive home or fly home without getting examined by a doctor. It also memorializes your injury. You can resume treatment in your hometown.

If you are visiting from Florida and get into a car crash, your auto insurance will pay for 80% of the 1st $10,000.00 in medical treatment via your personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. In the event you exhaust your PIP coverage, you can receive medical treatment through your health insurance or on a letter of protection. Call us, were happy to explain.

persinjuryprotec Injured on Vacation in the Florida Keys

If you are visiting from somewhere outside of Florida, you may or may not have PIP coverage or MEDPAY coverage available through your auto insurance. Each State has different insurance requirements. We can help determine how your medical bills will be paid – just ask us.

Whether you live somewhere else in Florida or outside of Florida, it is important to hire a Key West attorney to handle your personal injury claim. If you need to file suit, you want a local attorney not only familiar with the area (roads, hotels, etc.), but with the local judges and defense attorneys. We are also familiar with the local investigators, in case we need to track down evidence or witness statements.

If you have any questions about your personal injury case, please call one of experienced, local accident attorney for a free consultation. What’s App or Chat is also available for your convenience.

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