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How To Win A Left Turn Accident Case In Florida


Whenever an auto accident happens, it is almost always someone’s fault. In Florida, after an auto accident occurs because of someone’s negligence, the victim has the right to seek compensation. Generally, in the Florida Keys, when an auto accident happens because of another party’s fault or because of a combination of your fault and someone else’s, you might be eligible for compensation.

When it comes to left-turn accidents, it is almost always assumed that the driver who turned left is at fault for their accident. But even though the left-turning driver is often to blame when an accident occurs, it doesn’t mean that a left-turning driver cannot be the victim or only partially at fault for an accident. When you are involved in a left-turn accident, as the driver who turned left, it is crucial that you advise law enforcement of the following:

  1. If the other motorist was driving over the speed limit, they could be held liable for the accident.
  2. If the oncoming motorist ran a stop sign or red light, they could be held liable for the accident.
  3. If you met an obstruction after making the left turn, another party could be held liable for the accident.

Unfortunately, because of what the law says about left turns, it can be challenging for the driver who turned left just before an accident occurred to win a left turn case. But, this is not to say that it is impossible for a driver who turned left before an accident to win a left turn accident case.

Below are steps you can take as the driver who turned left before an accident occurred, to increase your chances of winning your left-turn accident case.

Stop Your Vehicle and Exchange Information

After being in a left turn accident as the driver who turned left, you might be tempted to drive away. However, it is crucial that you don’t leave the accident scene. After a left turn accident, you need to stop and exchange information with the other driver. Leaving an accident scene is associated with an admission of guilt and is illegal in Florida.

Call the Police

Make sure you call the police to the accident scene after being involved in a left-turn accident. The police report written at the accident scene can help your case. Remember, unlike other people, the police will not automatically assume that you are at fault. It is the duty of every officer called to an accident scene to investigate how an accident occurred without bias.

Gather Witness Statements

When it comes to auto accidents, there is always a chance that someone saw what happened. After a left turn accident, some potential witnesses to watch out for include pedestrians, other motorists, passengers, or people in nearby buildings. You should gather statements from as many people as you can after a left-turn accident.

Contact an Attorney

Basically, the sooner you call an auto accident attorney after your left-turn accident, the better. An attorney can help you prove that you were not at fault for your left turn accident or that you were only partially at fault.

Contact Us for Legal Help

Were you involved in a Florida left turn accident after you made a left turn and need help proving that you are not to blame for the accident or that you are only partially responsible for the accident? If so, contact a skilled Key West & Marathon car accident attorney at Florida Keys Injury to schedule a consultation.


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