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Common Injuries That Minor Children Suffer In Car Accidents


Unfortunately, children have a high risk of sustaining injuries from car accidents. According to the CDC, car accidents are the main cause of death among children 12 years old and younger in the U.S. The CDC estimated that more than 600 kids below the age of 12 died in a car accident in 2018 alone, and over 97,000 were injured. However, 33% of the children who died in an accident in 2018 were not buckled up. Buckling children in car seats, seat belts, and booster seats, may not eliminate the risk of them being injured or killed in a crash, but it can reduce the risk of that happening. For example, it is estimated that using a car seat can reduce the risk for injury in a collision by up to 82% for children. Of course, this may be hard for many to believe, considering the fact that over 60% of the children who died in a car accident in 2018 (for which restraint was noted) were buckled up. However, the CDC states that often child restraint systems are misused. Approximately 20% of booster seats and 59% of car seats are misused in a manner that reduces their effectiveness. So, as a parent or caregiver, every time you buckle up your child, make sure you do so correctly.

Type of Injuries

After a child suffers an injury in a car accident, it is important that they receive prompt medical attention. Even in low impact crashes, it is worthwhile to have your child evaluated by a medical professional.  Oftentimes a doctor will recommend an X-ray to rule out a hairline fractures in their arm or leg.   In our experience, children can be more apt to receive a fractured arm or wrist, then an adult as their bones are weaker.  This can be especially true when the child braces for impact.

Head and neck injuries: These include traumatic brain injuries, concussions, contusions, whiplash, and skull base fractures.

  • Thoracic injuries: A hit to the chest can cause damage to organs in the thoracic regions, including the heart and lungs.
  • Fractures: A child may sustain a foot, hand, or wrist fracture in a car accident while bracing themselves for impact. Also, a child may suffer a fracture when they get thrown out of a vehicle.
  • Glass injuries: These include lacerations that can occur due to broken windows. Such injuries often cause scarring.
  • Permanent disability: Injuries like limb loss and nerve damage that lead to incapacitation often occur in rollover accidents.

Other injuries that a child can suffer in a car accident include;

  • Psychological injuries
  • Airbag injuries
  • Facial injuries
  • Dental injuries

Florida Keys Injury Lawyers Are Available To Help You

If your child was injured in a Florida car accident or someone you know has a child who was injured in a Florida car accident, contact a Key West & Marathon car accident attorney today to schedule a consultation.


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