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Monthly Archives: May 2023

Personal Injury Lawyers at Florida Keys Injury

Should You Hire an Attorney or Deal with the Insurance Company on Your Own?

By Florida Keys Injury |

Whether you’re dealing with property damage to your home or a personal injury, your first instinct might be to let the insurance companies handle everything and send you a check once they’ve finished their investigation.  While this might seem like the “easy” route, it can leave you vulnerable to insurance adjusters denying your claim,… Read More »

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accident car crash with bicycle

How a Bike vs. Car Crash Is Different from a Car Against Car Crash

By Florida Keys Injury |

There’s no question that riding a bike can be great for your health and the environment. However, bike riding can also be incredibly risky and potentially catastrophic if you get hit by a car. There are significant variations in the types of injuries bicyclists incur, and insurance companies handle these accidents differently. This article… Read More »

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